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Why Would My Business Need a Social Media Marketing Program?

This is a common question we get and there are many reasons why it’s necessary in our era to have a presence on social media:

  • You have a “microphone” for your business to provide value and information through your social media at the most affordable means to do so today!

  • You will be accessible to your clients and potential new customers. Social media is now used by many to reach out to businesses through direct or private messaging. By not having this accessibility, you may be missing out on many opportunities to field questions, take new orders or respond to concerns.

  • Social media now adds to your credibility. Would you do business with one without a website? It’s the same now with social media. No presence will lead to lost opportunities.

  • Social media reaches people otherwise you would not reach. The better the content you have, the more following you will earn and many of which you may not do business with as of yet.

  • Social branding is the most effective, most efficient means today to expand your presence online for your business. Think about it, where is most of our attention today? When’s the last time you’ve really noticed a TV commercial, radio ad or billboard? Our attention is on our mobile devices and about half that time it’s on social media.

  • An often overlooked advantage is that posts on Facebook, Twitter and such adds to your social signal. Your social signal adds to your overall online presence, making your business a bit more likely to move up in the Google search rankings.

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